Sunday, July 21, 2013

Missionary Training Center

I finally received an update from them about their MTC experiences.

"Our orientation went from 8:00am to 4:30pm every day. The first thing that was amazing was the MTC cafeteria. I’ve never seen so many people being fed at one time in a cafeteria and so much variety. You could hear different languages being spoken there and as you walked the sidewalks at the MTC. Everyone is practicing their language and lessons. Also not used to eating three times a day. But it was interesting meeting all the different couples and learning about their families and experiences."

Donna, Gerry's sister had given my parents a big bag of Utah Truffles and they were soon the favorite ones of the group. The first week they were at the MTC they learned how to use Preach my Gospel and how to talk about the gospel. One of their teachers was Brittany Zollinger, which is the youngest daughter of Leslie and Richard Zollinger who live in Livermore but we knew them when they lived in Newark.

People in their District and Brittany Zollinger

The second week was devoted to office training. They learned the IMOS (internet missionary office system) and Gerry learned the secretarial part of the office and Paul learned about the finance stuff. They enjoyed their time at the MTC but it was a whirlwind experience since they had two weeks to absorb all the information before they headed to Japan to begin opening up the mission.

They left a door hanger for their room at the MTC that said "We left for our Mission"

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