Monday, June 17, 2013

The Weather and Lost in Translation

They are slowly getting used to the humidity, and by slowly . . . not quite yet.

When they first arrived, they still needed to go shopping for supplies and they needed to take several trips because they had to walk everywhere. They would take go to the store come back, rest, cool off and go out again.

"It’s going to be challenging trying to cook, bake, or wash. All our appliances are in Japanese and the instruction books too. We got some things translated from Brother Honda, thus the sticky notes all over. We think we know what we are buying and then get home and discover that we don’t think it’s the right thing. We have to take pictures of the item to take into the office to ask the Elders what we bought."

"This is our combination washer and dryer. Talk about not knowing how to operate a machine. It was really frustrating at first because we’d start the wash and then we couldn’t get the door open or it wouldn’t dry, or we’d dry things to death. Hopefully our clothes will survive."

"Our combination microwave, oven, broiler, steamer – it does it all except I don’t know how to use it. Oh, well, just like all the other things in the apartment. I’ll learn though."

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