Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mission Office

June 21st - 30
Pictures of their office:
Gerry's Desk
Commissarian's Desk

Assistant's Desk

Recorder's Desk

Supply Room

Paul's Office

Elder's sleeping and studying area
Brother Uemura, who is the Facilities Manager over all the area (Japan, Korea, Micronesia Guam), said that the building was scheduled to be torn down and made into a parking lot for the adjoining church building because there isn’t adequate parking for the members when they come to church. The building is the largest building in the area so all large events and stake conferences are held here. When the small parking lot is full, the members use the pay-to-park parking lot next to the church. It costs $20 to park there for three hours. The members can get reimbursed from the church for their parking, when they come for church on Sundays, but it is a hassle to do so.

Brother Uemura indicated that the building hadn’t been used for 7-8 years so that’s why the approval was given to tear down the building. He said the inside was a mess with garbage and stored materials in it. They had to do a lot of work and had to work quickly to get everything ready for the mission to open July 1, but they made it. We were told that after they received the okay from the Area Presidency to tear down the building, the application was sent to Salt Lake. It moved along in the process but Elder Bednar wouldn’t approve it. No one knew why at the time. But we know now.

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